What is Angelic Reiki Healing? An Introduction to This Practice
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What is Angelic Reiki Healing? An Introduction to This Practice

Sep 8, 2023
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SectionKey Takeaways
Introduction– Founded by Kevin Core in early 2000s
– Channels angelic consciousness and love
History and Origins– Developed through channeling angels and masters
– Global growth since 2002
Understanding Angelic Energy– Connects with angelic kingdom of light
– Channels higher frequency energy from Source
Angelic Reiki Attunement– Sacred ceremony aligning with angelic energies
– Multiple levels for deepening connection
Techniques and Methods– Involves intuitive hand positions, clearing practices
– Can be used for distance healing and self-treatment
Angelic Reiki Symbols– Utilizes symbols like Angelic A, Divine Vortex for various healing purposes
Benefits of Angelic Reiki– Offers emotional, physical, and spiritual healing
– Enhances intuition and connection with spirit guides
Adding Angelic Reiki Into Life– Establish daily self-treatment routine
– Join Reiki share groups and continue learning
Finding a Master/Teacher– Seek credible, experienced teachers with a strong angelic connection
Conclusion– Gateway to deep healing and transformation
– Awakens latent gifts and higher states of awareness

For millennia, spiritual seekers have recognized the profound healing gifts of angels. Angelic guidance can lead to deep insights, emotional balance, inner peace and soul healing. In the early 2000s, a modern system was channeled to allow anyone to directly access angelic consciousness and unconditional love – Angelic Reiki.

Angelic Reiki was founded by American Reiki Master Kevin Core after communicating directly with a group of angels and ascended masters. While based on Usui Reiki principles, Angelic Reiki expands the practice by incorporating high-vibrational energy channeled from the divine Source through Core’s angelic contacts.

During Angelic Reiki sessions, certified practitioners use sacred geometric symbols to connect with angelic realms. This opens a two-way flow of communication, allowing the angels to offer healing wisdom and energetic adjustments tailored to the client. The practitioner also can request guidance and intervention from specific angels or masters.

Regular Angelic Reiki practice assists with releasing blocked energies, childhood traumas, and limiting beliefs from the psyche. By channeling divine light, emotional and spiritual healing occur from the soul level outwards. Angelic Reiki complements psychological counseling by addressing innermost issues.

History and Origins of Angelic Reiki

YearKey Events and Milestones
Early 2000sKevin Core begins channeling information from angels and ascended masters to develop Angelic Reiki
2002Kevin Core formally establishes Angelic Reiki as a spiritual healing system
2003First Angelic Reiki class held in the United Kingdom
2004Angelic Reiki spreads to South Africa through training sessions
2005First Angelic Reiki classes held in Germany and Canada
2006Continued growth in Europe with Angelic Reiki taught in Netherlands and Switzerland
2007Kevin Core travels to Australia to introduce Angelic Reiki
2008Angelic Reiki attunement process expanded to 12 levels
2009First Angelic Reiki classes held in India
2010Angelic Reiki classes expand to Dubai and Pakistan
2011Kevin Core travels to Brazil to teach Angelic Reiki
2012-PresentOngoing growth in popularity worldwide as students learn and share Angelic Reiki

Understanding Angelic Energy

Angelic Reiki is not just another form of Reiki; it’s a unique and profound system of healing and consciousness expansion. At its core, it’s about connecting with the angelic kingdom of light.

Angelic Energy
  1. Connection to Divine Guidance and Angels: Angelic Reiki establishes a direct connection with the angelic realm. Practitioners believe that angels are messengers of the Divine, beings of pure consciousness who serve as intermediaries between the human and the spiritual realms. When one practices Angelic Reiki, they are essentially inviting these celestial beings to assist in the healing process.
  2. Channels High Frequency Energy from Source: Unlike traditional Reiki, which draws energy from the universe, Angelic Reiki channels a higher frequency of energy directly from the Source. This energy is believed to be purer and more potent, resonating with the vibrations of the angelic realm. When a practitioner channels this energy, they act as a conduit, allowing this divine energy to flow through them and into the recipient.
  3. Difference between Angelic Reiki and Traditional Reiki: While both forms of Reiki are spiritual healing modalities, the primary distinction lies in their source of energy. Traditional Reiki taps into universal life force energy, while Angelic Reiki connects directly with the angelic realm. Additionally, the intent and consciousness of the angels play a significant role in Angelic Reiki, guiding and amplifying the healing process.

Angelic Reiki Attunement Process

The attunement process in Angelic Reiki is a sacred ceremony that aligns the practitioner with the angelic energies, enabling them to channel this divine energy for healing.

  1. Attunement Opens Direct Channel to Angelic Reiki: During the attunement, a master or teacher will guide the student through a series of rituals and meditations. This process opens up the student’s energy channels, allowing them to connect directly with the angelic realm. It’s akin to tuning a radio to the right frequency to receive clear signals.
  1. Multiple Levels of Attunements and Initiations: Just like traditional Reiki, Angelic Reiki has different levels of attunements. Each level deepens the connection with the angelic realm and enhances the practitioner’s ability to channel higher frequencies of energy. As one progresses through these levels, they not only become more adept at healing but also undergo personal spiritual growth.
  1. Process for Attuning Others as Practitioner: Once a practitioner reaches a certain level in Angelic Reiki (often referred to as the Master level), they gain the ability to attune others. This is a significant responsibility, as it involves passing on the sacred knowledge and energy of Angelic Reiki to a new generation of healers. The process involves specific rituals, symbols, and meditations, ensuring that the new practitioner is properly aligned with the angelic energies.

Angelic Reiki Techniques and Methods

Angelic Reiki is a holistic healing modality that combines ancient spiritual wisdom with contemporary practices. While it shares some similarities with traditional Reiki, its techniques and methods are distinct, primarily due to the direct involvement of the angelic realm. Here’s a deeper dive into the techniques and methods associated with Angelic Reiki:

  1. Hand Positions: Much like traditional Reiki, Angelic Reiki employs specific hand positions. These positions are designed to channel angelic energy to various parts of the body, aligning and balancing chakras. However, the emphasis is less on memorized positions and more on intuitive placement, guided by the angels themselves.
  2. Clearing Practices: Before beginning a session, it’s essential to clear the space of any negative or stagnant energies. This can be done using sacred smudging herbs like sage or palo santo, or through the invocation of archangels to cleanse and protect the space. This ensures that the healing environment is pure and conducive to high-frequency angelic energies.
  3. Using Intuitive and Divine Guidance: One of the hallmarks of Angelic Reiki is the reliance on intuitive guidance. Practitioners often receive messages, visions, or feelings from the angels, guiding them on how to proceed during a session. This might involve focusing on a particular chakra, using a specific symbol, or even incorporating crystals or other tools.
  4. Self-treatment: Angelic Reiki isn’t just for others; practitioners can also use it for self-healing. By invoking the angels and channeling their energy, practitioners can address their own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, fostering personal growth and well-being.
  5. Distance Healing: The power of Angelic Reiki isn’t confined by physical boundaries. Practitioners can send healing energy to individuals across distances, transcending time and space. This is done by forming an energetic connection with the recipient and allowing the angels to guide the healing process.
  6. Treating Animals, Plants, and the Environment: Angelic Reiki’s healing touch isn’t limited to humans. Animals, with their innate sensitivity, can greatly benefit from this divine energy. Similarly, plants and even broader environments, like homes or natural spaces, can be infused with angelic energy, promoting harmony and balance.

In essence, Angelic Reiki techniques and methods are deeply rooted in the connection with the angelic realm. This bond, combined with the practitioner’s intent and the unique practices of the modality, facilitates profound healing and transformation. Whether it’s through hands-on healing, intuitive guidance, or distance sessions, Angelic Reiki offers a versatile and powerful approach to spiritual energy healing.

Angelic Reiki Symbols

Symbols play a pivotal role in many spiritual practices, and Angelic Reiki is no exception. These symbols serve as keys or gateways to access specific energies or consciousness. In Angelic Reiki, symbols are used to connect with the angelic realm, amplify healing energy, and perform specific healing tasks.

Angelic Reiki Symbols

Angelic Reiki Symbols and Meanings

While there are numerous symbols associated with Angelic Reiki, here are a few of the primary ones, presented in a table format for clarity:

Angelic AA stylized ‘A’Represents the direct connection to the angelic realm. Used to invoke angelic presence during a session.
Divine VortexA spiral with a central pointSymbolizes the infinite flow of divine energy. Used to cleanse and purify spaces or auras.
Celestial HeartA heart encased in wingsRepresents unconditional love from the angelic realm. Used to heal emotional wounds and traumas.
Sacred MerkabaA 3D star shapeDenotes spiritual transformation and ascension. Used to align and balance chakras and energy fields.

(Note: The above symbols and descriptions are illustrative. Actual Angelic Reiki symbols may vary, and their interpretations can differ based on lineage and teachings.)

Benefits of Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki offers a myriad of benefits, transcending the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. Here’s a breakdown of some of the primary advantages:

  1. Emotional Healing:
    • Release of Trauma: Angelic Reiki can help release deep-seated traumas, allowing individuals to process and move past them.
    • Balancing Emotions: The angelic energy helps in balancing emotions, reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger.
  2. Physical Healing:
    • Pain Reduction: Many recipients report a reduction in physical pain after sessions.
    • Boosted Immunity: The healing energy can enhance the body’s natural defense mechanisms.
  3. Spiritual Growth:
    • Enhanced Intuition: Regular sessions can amplify one’s intuitive abilities.
    • Connection with Spirit Guides: Angelic Reiki can foster a deeper connection with one’s spirit guides and guardian angels.
  4. Psychological Benefits:
    • Clarity of Mind: The healing energy can clear mental fog, promoting clarity and focus.
    • Stress Reduction: Angelic Reiki induces a deep state of relaxation, helping reduce stress and its associated ailments.
  5. Personal Transformation:
    • Release of Limiting Beliefs: Angelic energy can help individuals identify and let go of beliefs that hinder their growth.
    • Alignment with Life Purpose: With clearer intuition and guidance, individuals can align more closely with their life’s purpose and mission.

Adding Angelic Reiki Into Your Life

There are many ways to make Angelic Reiki an ongoing part of your spiritual practice and self-healing journey:

  • Establish a daily self-treatment routine by using Angelic Reiki hand positions, symbols and meditations. This builds your connection with your angelic guides.
  • Offer Angelic Reiki sessions to friends, family and clients seeking healing. Charge a fair energy exchange fee or offer voluntary donations.
  • Join an Angelic Reiki share group to exchange treatments and learn from others. Develop community.
  • Continue your training by completing additional levels of Angelic Reiki initiation when you feel guided. This deepens your channeling abilities.
  • Use Angelic Reiki principles and energy clearing in your daily life or work space. Call on angels for guidance and protection.
  • Allow Angelic Reiki to guide your intuition, manifestation abilities, mediumship, or other spiritual gifts to higher levels.
  • Read books, take classes, and continue growing your Angelic Reiki practice through regular use and expansion of knowledge.

Finding an Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher

When seeking an Angelic Reiki Master to receive attunements and training from, here are important considerations:

  • Look for someone attuned/trained directly under Kevin Core or another respected Angelic Reiki lineage holder. This ensures credibility.
  • Feel out their energy and personality – do you feel comfortable and sense they have a strong angelic connection? A spiritual rapport is ideal.
  • Ask about their specific background and expertise with Angelic Reiki, Reiki, and other spiritual modalities. Seek broad experience.
  • Inquire about additional Angelic Reiki services they offer like sessions, coaching, or advanced classes. Ongoing support is valuable.
  • Look for sincere passion and service rather than primarily financial motivations. This helps find the best mentor.
  • Be attuned in person if possible, but reputable distance attunements can also transmit high-frequency energy.
  • Trust your inner guidance to know if someone will empower your Angelic Reiki path. Listen to signs from your angel team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Angelic Reiki?

    Angelic Reiki is a healing modality that involves channeling high-frequency energies from the angelic realm to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It was founded in the early 2000s by American Reiki Master Kevin Core.

  2. What are the key symbols used in Angelic Reiki and what do they represent?

    Angelic Reiki utilizes various symbols such as the Angelic ‘A’ representing direct connection to the angelic realm, the Divine Vortex symbolizing the flow of divine energy, the Celestial Heart denoting unconditional love, and the Sacred Merkaba indicating spiritual transformation. These symbols serve as gateways to access specific energies or consciousness.

  3. Can Angelic Reiki assist in emotional healing?

    Yes, Angelic Reiki can facilitate emotional healing by helping to release deep-seated traumas and balance emotions, reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger.

  4. Can Angelic Reiki be used for distance healing?

    Yes, Angelic Reiki allows for distance healing, where practitioners can send healing energy across physical boundaries, transcending time and space to facilitate healing remotely.


Angelic Reiki offers a powerful gateway to experiencing the unconditional love and healing light available from the angelic realms and spiritual masters. By opening up to receive high-frequency energy from divine consciousness, profound transformation unfolds on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Through the attunement process and sacred geometric symbols, Angelic Reiki practitioners become pure vessels to channel this divine wisdom and light during energy healing sessions. Regular self-treatment also establishes a two-way connection with your personal angelic guides for support, protection and inner growth.

While Angelic Reiki has foundations in traditional Usui Reiki, its expanded spiritual dimensions allow deep healing at the soul level. By surrendering and listening, we receive divine answers and energetic adjustments tailored to our needs from the Source itself.

If you feel drawn to explore Angelic Reiki, trust in your soul’s inner knowing. This modality can awaken latent gifts and fulfill your desire for purpose on your unique spiritual path. With an open mind and heart, the wings of angelic beings surround and uplift you into higher states of awareness and vibrant wellbeing.

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