Crystal Reiki Decoded: Origins, Techniques and Benefits of Holistic Practice
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Crystal Reiki Decoded: Origins, Techniques and Benefits of Holistic Practice

Sep 9, 2023
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SectionKey Takeaways
IntroductionCrystal Reiki combines crystal vibrations with Reiki energy for deep healing.
History and OriginsEvolved from Reiki and ancient crystal healing practices; influenced by various cultures.
Crystals for Reiki HealingCrystals have unique properties and align with different chakras for targeted healing.
Preparing CrystalsCrystals must be cleansed and charged before use; selected based on client’s needs.
Conducting a SessionInvolves consultation, crystal selection and placement, Reiki healing, and aftercare.
Crystal PlacementCrystals are placed on or around the body, following specific hand positions.
Crystal Grids and LayoutsCreate energetic patterns for enhanced healing; customizable based on needs.
Healing SpaceCrystals can purify and add positive energy to the healing space.
BenefitsOffers physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing; amplifies Reiki effects.
Combining with Other TherapiesCan be integrated with other therapies for comprehensive healing.
Learning Crystal ReikiRequires guidance from a qualified master and regular practice; involves joining communities for growth.
ConclusionA transformative healing practice offering deep, nuanced healing and personal growth.

Crystal Reiki is a unique and powerful form of energy healing that combines the transcendent vibrations of crystals with the gentle hands-on healing art of Reiki. As a Reiki Master and crystal healing practitioner for over 5 years, 

I’ve witnessed firsthand the amplified benefits that can come from unifying these two holistic practices. In Crystal Reiki sessions, the practitioner harnesses the vibration of crystals along with the universal life force energy channeled through Reiki to bring about deep healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

The crystalline structures help direct and focus the Reiki energy exactly where it needs to flow in order to unblock chakras, release stagnant energy, and bring the body into harmonious balance.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the history and origins of Crystal Reiki healing, gain an understanding of how to select and prepare crystals for Reiki work, learn the techniques involved in performing Crystal Reiki sessions, and discuss the multitude of benefits that clients can experience. Whether you’re brand new to the world of energy healing or looking to deepen your Crystal Reiki practice, this blog has something for you!

History and Origins of Crystal Reiki

Founder and Origins of Crystal Reiki Practice

Crystal Reiki’s roots can be traced back to the integration of traditional Reiki healing methods with the ancient practice of crystal healing. While Reiki itself was developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui in Japan, crystal healing has been used for millennia across various cultures.

How It Evolved from Reiki Healing and Crystal Healing

The fusion of Reiki and crystal healing into Crystal Reiki was a natural evolution. Reiki practitioners began to incorporate crystals into their sessions, recognizing that the vibrational frequencies of crystals could enhance the flow of Reiki energy. This synergy allowed for more targeted healing and opened new avenues for energy work.

Development and Growth of Crystal Reiki Over Time

Over the years, Crystal Reiki has grown in popularity and acceptance. Various schools and practitioners have developed their own methods and techniques, contributing to the rich tapestry of this healing modality. The influence of different cultures and traditions has also shaped Crystal Reiki, making it a versatile and adaptable practice.

Crystals for Reiki Healing

Crystals play a vital role in Crystal Reiki, each with unique properties and vibrations. Here’s a table of some popular crystals used in Reiki healing:

CrystalPropertiesChakra Alignment
AmethystCalming, IntuitionThird Eye
Rose QuartzLove, CompassionHeart
Clear QuartzAmplification, ClarityCrown
CitrineAbundance, CreativitySolar Plexus
Lapis LazuliWisdom, TruthThroat
Black TourmalineProtection, GroundingRoot

Cleansing and Charging Crystals Pre-Session

Before using crystals in a Reiki session, it’s essential to cleanse and charge them. Cleansing removes any lingering energies, while charging infuses them with positive intentions. Methods include smudging with sage, bathing in moonlight, or using saltwater.

Selecting Crystals Based on Intentions and Benefits

Choosing the right crystals for a session depends on the client’s needs and intentions. A practitioner may select Rose Quartz for emotional healing or Citrine for boosting creativity. Understanding the properties of each crystal helps in making the right choice.

Crystal and Chakra Pairings for Alignment

Aligning crystals with specific chakras can enhance the healing process. For example, placing Amethyst on the Third Eye Chakra can promote intuition, while Black Tourmaline on the Root Chakra aids in grounding.

Conducting a Crystal Reiki Session

  1. Preparation: Cleanse the space, crystals, and self.
  2. Consultation: Discuss client’s needs and intentions.
  3. Selection: Choose appropriate crystals.
  4. Placement: Position crystals on or around the body.
  5. Reiki Healing: Perform Reiki, allowing crystals to amplify the energy.
  6. Closing: Gently remove crystals and ground the client.
  7. Aftercare: Provide guidance for post-session care.

Hand Positions for Crystal Placement on the Body

The placement of crystals on the body follows specific hand positions, aligning with chakras or targeting areas of concern. Practitioners must be mindful of comfort and energy flow.

Using Crystals Grids and Layouts

Crystal grids and layouts can be used to create energetic patterns, enhancing the healing process. These can be customized based on the client’s needs.

Crystal Placement Around Reiki Healing Space

Placing crystals around the healing space can create a supportive and nurturing environment. For example, Selenite can be used to purify the space, while Rose Quartz adds a loving energy.

Benefits of Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki offers a multifaceted approach to healing, addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

  • Physical Healing Benefits:
    • Pain relief
    • Accelerated healing of injuries/wounds
    • Improved overall wellness
    • Reduction of chronic condition symptoms
    • Balancing of bodily systems
  • Emotional Benefits:
    • Release of negative emotions
    • Promotion of inner peace and calm
    • Enhanced positive feelings like joy
  • Mental Benefits:
    • Quieting racing thoughts
    • Stress reduction
    • Improved mental clarity
  • Spiritual Benefits:
    • Alignment of chakras
    • Clearing of blocked/stagnant energy
    • Increased sense of purpose
    • Greater connection to the divine
    • Activation of psychic gifts
  • Amplification Effect:
    • Faster, more thorough healing vs Reiki alone
    • Profound, life-changing results

Healing Properties of Specific Crystals

Different crystals bring unique healing properties to a Crystal Reiki session. For example:

  • Amethyst: Enhances intuition and spiritual insight.
  • Citrine: Boosts creativity and personal power.
  • Black Tourmaline: Offers protection and grounding.

Enhanced Benefits When Combined with Other Therapies

Crystal Reiki can be combined with other therapies such as massage, acupuncture, or psychotherapy for synergistic effects. This integrative approach can provide more comprehensive healing and support.

Tips for Learning Crystal Reiki

Attunement Process Overview

The attunement process in Crystal Reiki involves aligning the student’s energy field with the Reiki energy and the specific vibrations of crystals. It’s a sacred process that requires guidance from a qualified master.

Recommended Crystals for Reiki Practitioners

For those starting their Crystal Reiki journey, some essential crystals might include:

  • Clear Quartz: For amplification and clarity.
  • Rose Quartz: For heart-centered healing.
  • Selenite: For cleansing and charging other crystals.

Practicing Techniques as a Crystal Reiki Student

Becoming proficient in Crystal Reiki requires practice and dedication. Here are some tips:

  • Study with a Qualified Master: Find a teacher who resonates with you.
  • Practice Regularly: Work on self-healing and offer sessions to friends or family.
  • Join Crystal Reiki Communities: Engage with others on the same path for support and growth.


Crystal Reiki stands as a testament to the profound connection between the Earth’s natural gifts and the universal life force energy that flows through all living beings. By marrying the ancient wisdom of crystal healing with the gentle power of Reiki, practitioners of Crystal Reiki are able to tap into a reservoir of healing that is both nuanced and deeply transformative.

The journey through the world of Crystal Reiki is one filled with discovery, healing, and growth. From understanding the unique properties of various crystals to learning how to conduct a session, the practice offers a rich tapestry of experiences that cater to the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of individuals.

Moreover, the benefits of Crystal Reiki extend beyond the individual session, often leading to lasting changes that resonate with the core of one’s being. Whether seeking solace, healing, or a deeper connection to oneself, Crystal Reiki offers a path that is both accessible and profound.

For those intrigued by this beautiful form of energy healing, the doors to exploration are wide open. Whether you choose to experience a session, embark on the path of learning, or simply delve deeper into the knowledge, Crystal Reiki awaits with its gentle embrace, ready to guide you towards a more harmonious and balanced life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Crystal Reiki?

    Crystal Reiki is a healing practice that combines the energies of healing crystals with traditional Reiki techniques, aiming to offer deep healing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

  2. How did Crystal Reiki originate?

    Crystal Reiki originated from the integration of traditional Reiki healing methods, developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui, with the ancient practice of crystal healing, which has been utilized across various cultures for millennia.

  3. How are crystals used in a Crystal Reiki session?

    In a session, the practitioner selects appropriate crystals based on the client’s needs and places them on or around the body to amplify the Reiki energy, targeting specific chakras or areas of concern.

  4. What can I expect in a Crystal Reiki session?

    A session involves consultation to understand your needs, selection and placement of crystals, Reiki healing where crystals amplify the energy, and aftercare guidance. It is a holistic approach to address emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.


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