7 Best Places for Reiki Training in Las Vegas
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7 Best Places for Reiki Training in Las Vegas

Oct 26, 2023
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Las Vegas, often recognized for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment, is also a hub for spiritual growth and healing. The city boasts a plethora of renowned Reiki training centers, each offering unique and transformative experiences. 

Whether you’re a novice looking to explore the world of reiki healing in Las Vegas or a seasoned practitioner seeking advanced reiki certification online, Las Vegas has something for everyone. 

This guide delves into the top Reiki centers in the city, highlighting their offerings, expertise, and the impact they’ve made on their students. From traditional reiki classes in Las Vegas to the best online reiki certification programs, let’s embark on a journey to discover the essence of Reiki in the heart of Las Vegas.

1. Enchanted Forest Reiki Center

The Enchanted Forest Reiki Center in Las Vegas stands out as a beacon for those seeking spiritual healing and guidance. Founded by Debbie Veach, this center has grown exponentially from a modest 110-square-foot office to the largest Reiki Center in Nevada. 

With a history spanning over 11 years, the center has expanded six times, with a seventh expansion underway, set to be completed by January 2023. The center’s offerings are vast, from Reiki to Psychic Readings, Shamanic Healing, Aura Photos, Crystal healing, Sound Therapy, Past Life Regressions, Tarot, Seraphim Blueprint, and more. They also boast over 100 classes each month, catering to a wide range of spiritual interests, be it meditation, shamanism, yoga, chakras, or crystals. 

Their 5-star rating is a testament to their commitment to quality and the positive impact they’ve had on their visitors. Students and clients alike rave about the comprehensive training programs, the variety of services, and the serene environment that instantly instills a sense of peace. 

The center’s gift shop is a treasure trove of metaphysical and spiritual merchandise, from crystals, stones, jewelry, books, music, oracle and tarot cards, to Tibetan bowls and incense. With a team of over 20 practitioners and teachers, some of whom come from around the world, the Enchanted Forest Reiki Center is undoubtedly a hub for spiritual growth and healing in Las Vegas.

Founder: Debbie Veach 

Address: 2280 S. Jones Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89146 

Contact Number: 702-359-0848 

Email Address: DebbieV@EnchantedForestReiki.com

Website: https://www.enchantedforestreiki.com/ 

2. The Healing Oasis Reiki Training

The Healing Oasis, located in Las Vegas, offers a comprehensive range of Reiki training programs that cater to individuals at various stages of their Reiki journey. The center emphasizes the traditional USUI SHIKI RYOHO school of Reiki, ensuring that students receive authentic and profound training. 

Starting with Reiki Healing Sessions, individuals can experience the transformative power of Reiki, which is described as recharging the body like a battery. Testimonials from clients like Deb M. and Daryl W. highlight the effectiveness of these sessions, with many praising Anna, the practitioner, for her expertise.

They provide Reiki I Training, which serves as an introduction to the world of Reiki. This level focuses on self-healing and healing others through hands-on techniques. Reiki II Training elevates the practice by introducing distant healing, allowing practitioners to transcend time and space. This level also delves into the historical and symbolic aspects of Reiki, ensuring a well-rounded education. 

For those seeking mastery, Reiki III Training is available, emphasizing a deep connection with the Source and a commitment to the Reiki path. Additionally, the center offers a Reiki Practitioners Class to help practitioners refine their skills and connect with a supportive community.

Founder: Anna 

Address: 6787 W Tropicana Ave. Ste 248 Las Vegas, NV 89103

Contact Number: +1 (702) 515-9291

Email Address: N/A

Website: https://thehealingoasis.net/ 

3. Mindful Mystic

Mindful Mystic, led by the dedicated Michelle Kellogg, offers a holistic approach to Reiki training in Las Vegas. Michelle, with a Master’s degree in Education and over 25 years of teaching experience, brings a unique blend of expertise to her Reiki courses. The classes are comprehensive, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of Reiki. 

Students can opt for Group Reiki Level 1 & 2 classes, which are held in Michelle’s home office, ensuring a personalized learning experience. The curriculum is enriched with chakra balancing instruction, sound healing meditation, and NCBTMB-approved continuing education. 

Testimonials from students like Samuel, Anita, and Garyn highlight Michelle’s professionalism, thoroughness, and the warm, inviting atmosphere she creates. They commend her for the depth of knowledge she imparts and the transformative experiences they’ve had under her guidance. Whether you’re seeking in-person or online Reiki certification, Mindful Mystic offers a range of options to suit your needs.

Founder: Michelle Kellogg 

Address: 11081 Whooping Crane Lane, Las Vegas, NV, United States, Nevada

Contact Number: 702-215-9660 

Email Address: TheMindfulMystic@gmail.com 

Website: https://www.mindfulmystic.com/ 

4. With Love Reiki & Healing 

With Love Reiki & Healing, based in Las Vegas, offers a profound journey into the world of Reiki. The center provides a series of Reiki classes, starting from Level 1, which introduces participants to the universal life force energy of Reiki, focusing on self-healing. 

Level 2 takes the journey further, emphasizing becoming a Reiki practitioner and healing others, while the Master Level is the pinnacle of Reiki training, allowing for deep personal healing and the ability to attune others. 

The center uses the Holy Fire III Reiki, the most updated vibration, ensuring participants receive the latest and most potent Reiki energies. Testimonials from clients like Kelli Z., Mayra, and Danielle highlight the transformative experiences they’ve had, praising the serene environment and the expertise of the instructor, Sheila. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking advanced Reiki certification, With Love Reiki & Healing offers a comprehensive and authentic Reiki experience.

Founder: Sheila Sclafani

Address: 2620 Regatta Dr, suite #211 Las Vegas, NV 89128

Contact Number: 702-553-2335 

Email Address: withlovereiki@gmail.com 

Website: https://withlovereiki.com/

5. RYK Yoga and Meditation Center 

The RYK Yoga and Meditation Center in Las Vegas offers a comprehensive approach to Reiki training. The center is led by Cosmin Mahadev Singh, a renowned yoga and meditation master, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. 

The training programs at RYK are deeply rooted in traditional teachings, aiming to provide students with an authentic and transformative experience. They offer a range of Reiki training programs, from beginner to advanced levels, ensuring that every student finds a course that aligns with their spiritual journey. 

The center’s location, amidst the serene Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, provides a tranquil setting that is conducive to deep introspection and spiritual growth. The feedback from students highlights the profound impact of these courses, often describing them as life-changing. The center’s vision is to nurture healing, personal development, and spiritual immersion, making it a top destination for those seeking genuine Reiki training in Las Vegas.

Founder: Cosmin Mahadev Singh 

Address: 2280 South Jones Blvd. Las Vegas, NV, 89146

Contact Number: (702) 670 0688 

Email Address: manager@rykyoga.com 

Website: https://rykyoga.com/ 

6. Flowing Lotus Center, LLC

Flowing Lotus Center, LLC., located in Las Vegas, NV, is a beacon for spiritual healing and training. Founded by Toshia Shaw, LCSW, in 2023, the center has its roots tracing back to 2015. 

Toshia, a licensed clinical social worker, transformational life coach, energy healer, and author, has established this center as both a place for psychotherapy and an online training hub to inspire the next generation of spiritual healers and leaders in metaphysics, spiritual empowerment, and alternative energy healing. 

The center offers a range of Reiki training programs, from basic Reiki I certification to advanced Reiki Master Teacher Training. The training is comprehensive, with courses spanning over days and even years, ensuring a deep understanding and mastery of the healing art. Students and clients alike praise Toshia for her dedication, expertise, and the transformative experiences they’ve had under her guidance. 

The center’s mission is to provide a compassionate learning environment for individuals to heal, learn, and become the best versions of themselves.

Founder: Toshia Shaw, LCSW 

Address: Las Vegas, Nevada 

Contact Number: 725-867-9374

Email Address: info@flowinglotuscenter.com 

Website: https://flowinglotuscenter.com/ 

7. Anna Hanael

Anna Hanael, a Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, offers a transformative journey into the world of reiki training in Las Vegas. With her expertise, Anna has crafted a comprehensive Reiki Level I and II training that not only equips students with the knowledge and techniques of reiki but also delves deep into the spiritual and emotional aspects of healing. 

Her training programs are meticulously designed, ensuring that students receive a holistic understanding of reiki, its principles, and its application. Anna’s years of experience shine through in her training modules, which are both informative and hands-on. Students often rave about the profound impact her courses have had on their personal and professional lives. 

Beyond reiki, Anna also offers hypnotherapy sessions, emphasizing the healing of the inner child and empowering individuals to overcome challenges such as anxiety, phobias, and past traumas. Her approach to reiki healing in Las Vegas is both unique and effective, making her one of the go-to experts in the field. Whether you’re looking for reiki certification online or in-person, Anna’s programs stand out as some of the best online reiki certification courses available. 

Her dedication to her craft and her genuine desire to help others heal and grow make her a standout in the world of reiki classes in Las Vegas.

Founder: Anna Hanael 

Address: 6787 W Tropicana Ave. Ste 248 Las Vegas, NV 89103

Contact Number: (725) 225-8440

Email Address: N/A

Website: https://annahanael.com/ 


Reiki, an ancient healing art, has found a thriving community in Las Vegas. The city’s top Reiki centers, led by experienced and passionate practitioners, offer a diverse range of courses catering to different needs. 

Whether you’re drawn to the traditional practices or the modern adaptations, there’s a place for you in the Las Vegas Reiki community. As more individuals recognize the benefits of reiki healing, the demand for quality training and certification continues to grow. 

Las Vegas, with its array of top-tier Reiki centers, stands as a testament to the art’s enduring appeal and transformative power. Whether you’re starting your journey or seeking to deepen your practice, Las Vegas is the place to be for all things Reiki.

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