5 Best Reiki Classes & Healing Centers in Vermont
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5 Best Reiki Classes & Healing Centers in Vermont

Oct 15, 2023
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Vermont, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and serene ambiance, is also emerging as a hub for holistic healing, particularly in the realm of Reiki. This ancient Japanese technique, which focuses on channeling life force energy to promote well-being, has found a dedicated following in the Green Mountain State.

From established institutes to passionate individual practitioners, Vermont offers a plethora of options for those seeking both Reiki treatments and training. Dive into our exploration of 5 prominent Reiki centers in Vermont that are making waves in the holistic healing community.

1. Luana K Life

At luanaklife.com, Vermont’s seekers of Reiki have a haven of holistic healing. Founded by Luana, the platform offers Reiki, a therapeutic technique of Japanese origin, translating to “spiritually guided life force energy.” Luana’s unique selling proposition lies in her intention to serve the energy and wholeness of her clients.

With a deep understanding that everything in the body, from cells to emotions, vibrates at different frequencies, she ensures that Reiki benefits the entire being. Clients can expect feelings of peace, well-being, and enhanced life force energy quality during and post-session. For those keen on Reiki training in Vermont, Luana conducts intimate in-person classes, spanning Reiki 1 (First Degree), Reiki 2 (Second Degree), to Reiki 3 (Master Teacher).

Her years of experience and dedication position her as a prominent Reiki master in Vermont, and her offerings align with the standards of the Vermont Reiki association. Whether you’re an animal Reiki enthusiast in Vermont or someone looking for Reiki certification classes in Vermont, Luana’s expertise ensures a comprehensive and genuine experience.

Founder: Luana K Life

Address: 231 Maple Street Burlington, VT 05401

Contact Number: 802-391-9669

Email Address: luana@luanaklife.com

Website: https://www.luanaklife.com/ 

2. Lost Forest Reiki

It is nestled in the serene landscapes of Vermont, emerging as a sanctuary for those seeking balance and well-being through Reiki in Vermont. Founded by Amy deGroot, a dedicated Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, the establishment offers a spectrum of Reiki services and classes, both in-person and remotely, from her home studio.

Amy’s journey in Reiki training in Vermont is not just a service but a heartfelt offering to restore balance and alleviate pain, anxiety, and depression through energy balancing. Her Reiki certification classes in Vermont span First and Second Degree Reiki courses, enabling individuals to immerse themselves in this therapeutic practice, not only receiving but also giving back by learning to perform Reiki on themselves and others.

 Amy’s approach is not merely a service but a journey where she shares the remarkable practice of Reiki, ensuring it is accessible to all, thereby contributing significantly to the Vermont Reiki association. Her offerings, which extend to Reiki certification in Vermont, are not just courses but a passage to understanding and harnessing the profound energy that Reiki encapsulates. 

Amy’s years of experience and genuine testimonials from clients underline her expertise and the authentic, transformative experiences she provides.

Founder: Amy deGroot 

Address: Based in Charlotte, VT 

Email Address: 4degroot@gmail.com 

Website: https://www.lostforestreiki.com/ 

3. Green Mountain Reiki Institute

The Green Mountain Reiki Institute is a beacon for those seeking holistic healing through Reiki in Vermont. Founded by Sandy Carlson Jefferis, the institute’s mission is to foster a community where Reiki can be learned, practiced, and provided, with the overarching goal of promoting peace, well-being, and wellness in the world. Sandy’s journey with Reiki began with a personal healing experience, leading her to delve deep into the practice.

With a background in nursing and fiber art, she brings a unique blend of care and creativity to her Reiki sessions. Since 2008, Sandy has been dedicated to the practice, becoming a Lineage Holder of the Goslen-Brown-Takata-Hayashi-Usui Lineage in 2019. The institute offers a range of Reiki training in Vermont, from First Degree to Third Degree classes, ensuring students receive a comprehensive understanding of the practice. Sandy’s commitment to Reiki is further evident in her involvement with the Vermont Reiki Association.

Whether you’re seeking Reiki certification in Vermont or wish to experience the transformative power of a Reiki session, the Green Mountain Reiki Institute stands out as a trusted and experienced destination.

Founder: Sandy Carlson Jefferis 

Address: Green Mountain Reiki Institute, 21 Carmichael Street, Suite 204, Essex, VT 05452 

Contact Number: (802) 343-2634 

Email Address: sandyjefferis@gmail.com 

Website: https://www.greenmountainreikiinstitute.com/ 

4. Skydance Healing

Skydance Healing, located in the heart of Vermont, is a sanctuary for those seeking a transformative journey through Reiki and sound therapy. Founded by Terry, her unique approach to healing is deeply rooted in her early experiences with nature, music, and the magical essence of life.

Terry’s background in child development and social services, combined with her personal journey of seeking alternative healing methods, led her to the world of Reiki. Trained by renowned healer Elizabeth Rainbow Dancer and furthering her Reiki expertise with Judy Copp, Terry has established herself as a Reiki Master, dedicated to harnessing the power of energy for healing. Beyond Reiki, Terry’s passion for music and nature’s vibrations led her to sound therapy, a modality that uses sacred healing instruments to promote deep relaxation and healing.

With a foundation in meditation and Eastern practices, Terry integrates her training in Cultivating Emotional Balance into her sessions, offering a holistic experience that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. Her dedication to these healing arts, combined with her intuitive empathic abilities, positions Skydance Healing as a premier destination for those seeking genuine, compassionate, and transformative healing experiences in Vermont.

Founder: Terry 

Address: Shelburne, Vermont, USA

Contact Number: 802-448-0459

 Email Address: info@skydancehealing.com 

Website: https://skydancehealing.com/ 

5. Kireina Reiki

Kireinareiki, a beacon of holistic healing in Vermont, stands out for its unique blend of Reiki and Tarot services. Founded by the certified Master-Level Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Reiki Master & Teacher, Tiffany, the center offers both distance and in-person Reiki sessions for people and pets. Tiffany’s journey into the world of Reiki began after a personal family tragedy, leading her to discover the transformative power of this energy work.

Trained at the Green Mountain Reiki Institute and further certified in various Reiki modalities, including Animal Reiki, Tiffany has carved a niche for herself in the realm of energy healing. Her expertise doesn’t end there; she’s also a professional Tarot and oracle card reader, providing intuitive insights that many clients find invaluable.

With a background in education and special needs, Tiffany’s approach is compassionate, personalized, and deeply rooted in her commitment to helping others. The courses offered at Kireina Reiki, especially the 1:1 Usui Reiki Level 1 & Level 2, are comprehensive, ensuring that every student gets individual attention and thorough training. The testimonials from her clients further attest to the profound impact she has had on their lives, making Kireinareiki a must-visit for anyone seeking genuine Reiki treatments and training in Vermont.

Founder: Tiffany 

Address: Shelburne Square 41 IDX Drive Suite 210 South Burlington, Vt. 05403

Contact Number: 802-735-4503

Email Address: lalaneyalee.inc@gmail.com

Website: https://www.kireinareiki.com/ 


The journey through Vermont’s Reiki landscape reveals a tapestry of dedicated practitioners, each bringing their unique touch, expertise, and passion to the art. Whether you’re a novice curious about the healing powers of Reiki or a seasoned enthusiast looking to further your training, Vermont offers a diverse range of options.

 These five centers, with their distinct offerings and profound commitment to the craft, exemplify the state’s burgeoning Reiki community. As holistic healing continues to gain traction, Vermont stands poised as a leading destination for those seeking the transformative power of Reiki.

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