Sei He Ki Reiki Symbol: Emotional and Mental Healing Symbol
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Sei He Ki Reiki Symbol: Emotional and Mental Healing Symbol

Sep 8, 2023
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SectionKey Takeaways
Introduction– Sei He Ki is the primary symbol for emotional and mental healing in Reiki.
– It is represented by a moon-like crescent shape and is associated with harmonizing feelings and thoughts.
History and Meaning– Developed by Mikao Usui as one of the main Reiki symbols.
– The name translates to “mental-emotional symbol” in Japanese.
– Associated with moon energy, Yin archetype, and water element.
– Linked to several chakras.
Importance in Reiki– Balances the right and left brain.
– Facilitates emotional healing and mental clarity.
– Used for purification and protection.
– Can be incorporated into self-healing routines.
How to Draw and Activate– Drawn starting from the bottom left in a crescent shape.
– Activated through visualization, chanting, or mental drawing.
– Can be used during Reiki self-treatment and to create a protective aura.
Power of Sei He Ki– Promotes mental and emotional balance.
– Enables deep healing and improved relationships.
– Enhances focus, clarity, and creativity.
Daily Use– Can be used in various daily situations including during meditation, before bed, and while working or studying.
– Helps in enhancing creativity and bringing harmony in relationships.
Science Behind Sei He Ki– Some scientific perspectives attribute its effects to the placebo effect and psychoneuroimmunology.
– Could influence brainwave patterns and promote relaxation and healing.
Conclusion– Sei He Ki is a crucial Reiki symbol for emotional and mental healing.
– It helps in releasing negative emotions and fostering positivity.
– Encourages insight, empathy, and tranquility.

The traditional Usui Reiki system utilizes several powerful symbols to help practitioners channel healing energy. After the foundational Cho Ku Rei symbol, students often learn Sei He Ki next. Represented by a moon-like crescent shape, Sei He Ki serves as Reiki’s primary emotional and mental healing symbol. 

While Cho Ku Rei focuses on physical healing, Sei He Ki works directly on the mind and emotions. Its gentle energy can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and other inner turmoil. Just as the moon controls the tides and rhythms of the subconscious, Sei He Ki exerts a harmonizing influence over our feeling states and thoughts.

In this post, I’ll provide a complete guide to harnessing the therapeutic properties of the Sei He Ki symbol. You’ll learn its history, meaning, proper drawing, and specific uses in Reiki sessions or personal practice. Understanding Sei He Ki’s role in restoring mental clarity and inner peace can transform your ability as a Reiki healer, or simply help you through challenging times.

Whether your goal is to master Reiki symbols or obtain emotional balance, the soothing radiance of Sei He Ki awaits. Let’s delve into how this sacred shape channels the mind’s innate power to heal itself.

History and Meaning of Sei He Ki

  • Originated by Mikao Usui as one of 5 main Reiki symbols he developed
  • Often taught after Cho Ku Rei to Reiki students 
  • Name translates to “mental-emotional symbol” in Japanese
  • Composed of 3 Japanese kanji:

     – Sei – relating to feelings, emotions, mind

     – He – harmony, balance, peacefulness

     – Ki – spirit, mystery, energy

  • Represents moon energy due to crescent shape
  • Connected to Yin archetype – intuitive, feminine essence
  • Water element – fluid, flowing, adaptable  
  • Color associations:

     – Silver, white, blue

  • Chakra significance:

     – Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Crown Chakra

Sei He Ki’s meaning encompasses working on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to find stability and inner wisdom.

Importance of Sei He Ki in Reiki

Reiki, an ancient form of energy healing originating from Japan, incorporates several sacred symbols into its practice, one of which is Sei He Ki. Sei He Ki, often referred to as the “mental/emotional symbol,” holds immense importance in the practice of Reiki for its profound healing and balancing qualities.

Sei He Ki plays a crucial role in Reiki as it is specifically associated with the mental and emotional side of healing. The Sei He Ki symbol helps to balance the right and left brain, aiding in the release of emotional blockages, deep-seated traumas, and suppressed feelings. By harmonizing the mind and emotions, Sei He Ki helps create an environment within the body that facilitates more effective physical healing.

Reiki symbol Sei He Ki

In Reiki healing sessions, Sei He Ki is often used when dealing with emotional distress, anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders. It acts as a key to unlock the subconscious mind, enabling the practitioner to reach deeper layers of the person’s being that need healing. The symbol is believed to reach the root cause of imbalances, treating symptoms by healing their sources.

The use of Sei He Ki is not limited to sessions with Reiki practitioners. Once attuned to this symbol, Reiki practitioners can incorporate it into self-healing routines as well. Using Sei He Ki during meditation, for instance, can help clear mental chatter and cultivate emotional tranquility.

Furthermore, Sei He Ki plays an important role in the purification and protection process. It is used during the cleansing of a room or objects to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. It’s also often used to shield against negative energy or to cut off energy drains.

How to Draw and Activate Sei He Ki

Sei He Ki
Reiki healing symbol sei he ki on sand
  • Draw starting at the bottom left, move up and around counterclockwise to make a crescent shape
  • Use your dominant hand with first two fingers together to guide movement
  • Visualize moonlight or a glowing white/silver color as you draw
  • Say the mantra “Sei He Ki” three times while drawing
  • Draw over the body, in the aura, or at a distance
  • Activate by visualizing, chanting, or drawing mentally
  • Combine with breathing exercises or meditation
  • Use during a Reiki self-treatment on areas needing emotional healing
  • Draw over food, water, or crystals to infuse with Sei He Ki vibrations
  • Surround yourself with Sei He Ki light to create a protective aura
  • Draw over chakras relating to mind, emotions, intuition

Power of Sei He Ki

The power of Sei He Ki in Reiki is far-reaching, affecting various aspects of our lives. Here are some of the key effects:

1. Mental and Emotional Balance: Sei He Ki promotes harmony between the left and right brain, fostering mental balance. It can help to alleviate mental disturbances like stress, anxiety, and depression.

2. Deep Healing: By addressing emotional issues and traumas at their core, Sei He Ki enables profound healing, often contributing to the resolution of physical ailments that have emotional roots.

3. Improved Relationships: As Sei He Ki helps individuals deal with emotional baggage, it can lead to improved interpersonal relationships. By fostering forgiveness and empathy, it helps heal relationship wounds.

4. Enhanced Focus and Clarity: By promoting mental balance, Sei He Ki can enhance focus and clarity, enabling individuals to make better decisions and concentrate more effectively on tasks at hand.

5. Boosting Creativity: The harmonization of the mind that comes with Sei He Ki can often open up creative channels, fostering innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Let’s visualize the power of Sei He Ki in the following table:

Area of InfluenceEffect of Sei He Ki
Mental HealthBalances the mind, reduces stress and anxiety
Emotional HealthHelps release suppressed emotions, heals emotional traumas
Physical HealthContributes to physical healing by addressing emotional roots of ailments
Interpersonal RelationshipsImproves understanding and empathy, heals relationship issues
Concentration and ClarityEnhances focus, supports decision-making
CreativityBoosts creative thinking, enhances problem-solving abilities

These points represent just a few of the ways Sei He Ki can have a powerful impact on an individual’s life. By facilitating deep emotional and mental healing, it sets the stage for improved physical health, better relationships, heightened focus, and boosted creativity.

How to Use Sei He Ki in Your Daily Life

Implementing Sei He Ki into your daily routine can be a powerful way to cultivate emotional and mental balance, as well as foster overall well-being. Here’s how you can incorporate it:

SituationUse of Sei He Ki
During MeditationVisualize the symbol at the start or end of your practice
Stress or AnxietyDraw or envision the symbol to bring calming energy
Before BedDraw the symbol over your bed to promote peaceful sleep
Studying or WorkingUse the symbol during breaks to boost concentration
In RelationshipsEnvision the symbol to bring harmony in relationships
Enhancing CreativityMeditate with the symbol to inspire creative solutions

Note: As with any spiritual or healing practice, it’s important to approach it with respect and intention. Before using Sei He Ki, it’s recommended to get attuned to this symbol by a certified Reiki Master.

Science behind Sei He Ki

While the efficacy of symbols like Sei He Ki in healing practices like Reiki is widely accepted in the realm of holistic healing, it’s essential to understand how this aligns with scientific perspectives.

Placebo Effect: Some scientific explanations relate the effects of Sei He Ki to the placebo effect. The belief and expectation of the person being healed can contribute significantly to their perceived healing and well-being.

Psychoneuroimmunology: This interdisciplinary field studies the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems. The reduction of stress and promotion of positive emotions through practices like Sei He Ki can potentially boost the immune system.

Mind-Body Connection: Modern science acknowledges the mind-body connection—the idea that our mental state can influence our physical health. By fostering emotional and mental balance, Sei He Ki could have indirect effects on physical well-being.

Brainwave Entrainment: Some research suggests that meditation with symbols like Sei He Ki could alter brainwave patterns, leading to states of deep relaxation and healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is attunement required to use Sei He Ki?

    Yes, to fully employ Sei He Ki for Reiki healing, attunement from a Reiki Master is traditionally required. This opens the channels for drawing upon its energies.

  2. What are some other names for this symbol?

    It may also be called the “mental/emotional symbol”, “shinpiden”, or its Japanese name “seiheki”. Its kanji is 誠平祇.

  3. Does Sei He Ki have any precautions or contraindications?

    There are no known contraindications. But use judiciously if working with mental health issues, and avoid overusing with highly sensitive people. Always work at a pace the recipient is comfortable with when using Reiki symbols.

  4. Can I combine Sei He Ki with other symbols?

    Yes, it works well paired with Cho Ku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Dai Ko Myo and others at advanced levels. This enhances the symbols’ effects.

  5. How often should I draw/chant/visualize Sei He Ki?

    Listening to your intuition is best. Use when you feel guided to, not out of routine. But meditating on or drawing Sei He Ki daily can be very powerful.

  6. Does distance matter when sending Sei He Ki?

    No, Reiki symbols connect through energy so they can be sent over any distance. But a stronger connection may make it more effective.


In the landscape of Reiki symbols, Sei He Ki holds a special place as the caretaker of our feelings and thoughts. Its crescent shape exudes the cooling, reflective glow of moonlight – guiding our minds to find peace and harmony amidst inner chaos. 

Developed by Mikao Usui to heal emotional turmoil and mental anguish, this sacred symbol channels the fluid adaptability of water and Yin archetypal energy. Drawing or invoking Sei He Ki helps release depressive thoughts, anxiety, anger, grief and other forms of suffering. It replaces these with optimism, inner wisdom, calm, and emotional balance.

While all the Usui Reiki symbols work holistically, Sei He Ki hones in on our deepest personal landscape – the terrain of our hearts and consciousness. Learning to activate its potential unleashes miracles of insight, empathy, tranquility, and perspective. With perseverance and an open mind-heart, the lunar beam of Sei He Ki can illuminate even our darkest nights.

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